Don has been either been in, on, or under the water since early childhood. As a youngster growing up on the East Coast's beaches during the 1960s, he began a life-long love affair with the ocean and especially with surfing. Surfing, body surfing, swimming and sailing have remained central among his interests and passions. An active amateur photographer, Don has been both behind the camera and in the darkroom since his college days at the University of Hawaii. So a high order interest in surf photography is really just a natural progression for Don. In his full time career, Don has been a member of the technical community since the early '70s, working in the printing equipment industry on commercial laser printers. When digital photography became available Don saw it as another natural fit and was very quick to adopt the new technology into his photo gear bag. Don has also become very comfortable with digital imaging tools such as Photoshop, enjoying the tremendous freedom they allow him for creativity with his images. Located in Orange County California, Don's biggest choice these days when the waves are good is deciding whether to surf, or stay on the beach and shoot pictures.